Hold onto your wedding rings, everybody.

A woman who used to work for Ashley Madison – the site where married folks go to have affairs -- has filed a $20 million lawsuit, claiming she hurt her wrists typing fake profiles.

Doriana Silva says she was brought on to create a Portuguese version of the site and told to create 1,000 phony profiles of women to entice men. Silva says she was only given three weeks to complete the task and alleges in her suit:

The purpose of these profiles is to entice paying heterosexual male members to join and spend money on the website. They do not belong to any genuine members of Ashley Madison — or any real human beings at all.”

Ashley Madison had no comment on the matter.

Silva, who says she did not realize making bogus profiles was wrong at first, alleges the rigors of typing so much led to intense wrist and arm pain. She claims the company ignored her when she said she needed a break and did not provide workers’ comp or insurance coverage, despite promises that it would. The work turned out to be exhausting she hasn’t been able to work for two years because she “remains seriously disabled.”

Ashley Madison does inform people on its site that it can’t “guarantee the authenticity of any profile.”

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