We’ve all wanted to throw our phone in frustration from time to time. Now, a new app wants you to throw it for sport.

The app, called S.M.T.H. (or Send Me to Heaven), records how high people can throw their phones without breaking it. The app then records the measurements on a leader board, which keeps tabs on the best marks for the day, week, as well as around the world.

If you try to doctor the results by firing the phone away via a cannon or something silly like that, the app will disregard it because it won’t register unrealistic scores that can’t possibly come from the human hand. Scores also won’t be accurate if the phone rotates while airborne.

So far, the best score is from someone who threw the phone 131 feet high.

A Norwegian developer called Carrot Pop has created the app. It’s merely the latest novelty from the company, which also has an app that awards points for loud screams and another one in which you can control other people while they flirt.

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