Get a whiff of this.

In the latest culinary invention to come our way, a Japanese smartphone app called Scentee allows users to insert pleasant food smells onto their phones via cartridge without having to eat the grub associated with them because, you know, why would you want to eat something that smells good?

According to FOODBEAST:

Just plug in the Square-esque scent cartridge into your smartphone, load the photo app, and cozy up to a nice bowl of delicious (and cheap) rice or bread or salad. It’ll be just like having your favorite foods right there in front of you. Except, you know, not.

Currently, there are a few aromatic selections available, including apple, coffee and cinnamon roll. The idea is that people who may not have money to buy food or are trying to lose weight will be content just getting the scent. Of course, never in the history of humankind has anyone sniffed cinnamon rolls and thought, “I don’t need to eat it. The smell is enough.”

Are we the only ones who see this app backfiring and causing people to pack on the pounds? If they start issuing smells for hot fudge, buttered popcorn and French fries, users are bound to gain weight because they’ll wind up eating their phones while desperately trying to find a place to get their fix.

The video below explains a little more about what the app does. Call us crazy, but aren't the people eating in the video, which defeats the whole purpose?

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