Wednesday night was Beatles Night on the performance episode of 'American Idol.' The top nine of season 12 was asked to perform Beatles songs. Some soared, some faltered. Here's how things shook out.

Kree Harrison: 'With a Little Help From My Friends' was her choice, and it's clear why this country-star-in-the-making is a clear frontrunner.

Burnell Taylor: The NOLA-born favorite offered his take on 'Let It Be,' which he "caressed" with his voice, despite his admission that he is not a big Beatles fan.

Amber Holcomb: She sang 'She's Leaving Home,' a track she had not heard before. But she made a four decades-old song sound fresh with her delivery. What's with these contestants being so Beatles-deprived?

Candice Glover: The belter with the big voice showed her rock side by tearing it up on 'Come Together.'

Paul Jolley: His rendition of 'Eleanor Rigby' was bland and barely memorable, so said the judges.

Angie Miller: She emoted fully on 'Yesterday.' Yes, we believe. Along with Kree and Burnell, she is a favorite.

Devin Velez: The usually bilingual singer delivered the goods with his version of 'The Long and Winding Road,' which blew away the panelists.

Janelle Arthur: The country cutie turned in an elegant rendition of 'I Will.'

Lazaro Arbos: The judges felt his version of 'My Life' was a risky choice that reaped no clear rewards.

Tune into Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET to see who is staying and who is going home.