The argument about where and when it’s acceptable to use cell phones grew exponentially this week when a man called 911 to report someone was using a phone in a movie theater.

A blogger for named Alex Billington called 911 while he attended a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival to report a man was using his phone during the movie.

Billington had informed festival officials about the man’s actions, but was rebuffed when he was told phones are okay to use in theaters. Undeterred, Billington decided to dial 911 not because the man was yapping away or texting, but because he was afraid the film they were watching, ‘The Sacrament,’ was being pirated.

Billington’s concerns were met with laughter by the operator, forcing him to get more creative.

He went on Twitter to express his frustration and sparked a debate about whether or not cell phones in theaters is a legitimate problem or if he was just wasting everyone’s time.

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