Fans of 'True Blood' know that there are way too many hot guys coming in and out of the show to keep track of. Usually we don't notice them because we're too busy staring at Ryan Kwanten, Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello, Alexander Skarsgard... See, there's already too many to count. No wonder we quickly forget about all the other heartthrobs flying under the radar.

To get you all pumped for the return of 'True Blood' this summer and the introduction of a brand new hunk, Christopher Maloni, here's a tribute to the 10 of the hottest hunks we all forgot were part of the series.

Bradley Dodds as Lloyd

You remember the faerie godmother Lloyd, right? He was on 'True Blood' for a split second at the beginning of season 4. Most of us quickly forgot about him 'cause his moment of glory -- and by that we just mean looking hot -- happened during the whole Sookie in faerie land fiasco. Bradley Dodds, the actor who plays him, is crazy into martial arts, which totally explains why he's so ripped. Oh, and he's also done some modeling, too.

Grey Damon as Kitch Maynard

Ryan Kwanten's character Jason Stackhouse was definitely threatened by rising high school football player Kitch Maynard, which is probably why he only stayed on the show for about three episodes. Kitch (or should we say Mr. Grey Damon) had everything Jason had -- good looks, an arrogant strut, and especially that invisible bad-boy attitude. We're just sad to have only got a peek at his derriere before he left the show. (Sad face.) Fortunately, fans of his can still catch him on 'The Secret Circle' on The CW.

Ed Quinn as Stan

Burly hunk Ed Quinn played Stan, the Dallas vampire nest leader, back in season 2 of 'True Blood.' Unfortunately, despite all the effort his character put forth into rescuing the vampire pacifist Godric from that religious cult, Fellowship of the Sun, he still didn't make it past three episodes. Too bad that suicide bomber had to blow him up, but if he hadn't, then we never would have seen Quinn go shirtless on 'Eureka.'

Christopher Gartin as Hugo

We never really thought of Hugo as being all that hot, being that he was ultimately betrayed Sookie and the vampires to the Fellowship of the Sun, but Christopher Gartin is one good-looking fella. Since leaving 'True Blood,' Gartin has found steady work as a television actor, snagging roles on 'Desperate Housewives,' 'CSI' and 'The Mentalist,' as well as getting a small part in 'Black Swan.'

Aaron Perilo as Blackburn

Cutie-with-a-booty Aaron Perilo tragically had to be killed off after a short spout in season 3 thanks to that witch Marnie. She put a spell on the hot vampire sheriff and turned him against Bill and the rest of the vamps. So, naturally, he had to be filleted and staked. But we certainly won't be seeing the last of him as it seems he's slowly making his way onto the big screen. He was in 'In Time' with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, and he got a part in this off-the-radar sci-fi thriller 'Mind's Eye' opposite Malcolm McDowell.

Jack Krizmanich as Lutis

You might be asking yourself, "Who the heck is Lutis?" Don't worry, we asked ourselves the same question. Lutis was that fang-banger and personal drinking fountain of vampire Queen Sophie Anne played by Jack Krizmanich. What was his most famous line? "I can have the sex with you!" After his two-episode role, however, he put on some scruff and became someone worth drooling over. He already had a great body, but now he has that "I know how to chop wood" look to him.

Randy Wayne as Matt

Jessica and Hoyt were just too happy together in season 4 that the 'True Blood' writers decided to rock the boat. Randy Wayne was the answer. He played Matt, the sexy guy looking to hookup with Jessica at the Fangtasia vampire club, and she does. Who wouldn't want to have their way with this guy in a dirty bathroom stall? Although, a vampire's idea of "hooking up" is mostly drinking blood. But hey, whatever gets their rocks off.

Preston Jones as Dirk

Dirk was such a minor character that barely went noticed, but now looking back we wish we saw more of him. The Fellowship of the Sun inductee was played by Preston Jones, the star of 'Road Trip: Beer Pong.' Clearly, he has become an A-list celebrity just yet, but give him the chance to show off his chest and he'll wow you. It's too bad that his character on 'True Blood' was completely overshadowed by Jason Stackhouse and that hot Luke guy. Otherwise, he'd probably would've been the standout star.