For 33 years, the CBS Sunday night newsmagazine '60 Minutes' ended with Andy Rooney providing his wry and sometimes cantankerous observations on topics ranging from religion to his messy office.

And now, just a month after retiring from the show, Rooney has died at the age of 92 after failing to recover from "serious complications" following minor surgery two weeks ago.

The bushy-browed Rooney began his career as a print correspondent for Stars and Stripes during World War II, cutting his journalistic teeth alongside the legendary Walter Cronkite. After returning home to the US, he worked briefly at ABC and PBS before joining '60 Minutes' in 1978, delivering almost 2,000 essays during his more than three decades on the show.

Rooney was widowed from his wife of 62 years, Marge Howard, in 2004, and is survived by the couple's four children.

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