It's an ordeal to find the perfect Valentine's gift for the perfect lady. But hold on there, partner. It's just as difficult (more?) to find the perfect Valentine's gift for the perfect guy. So we've laid out some obvious—and not so obvious—guy gifts.


1) The Thing He Collects

All men collect something. Whether it’s watches, wallets, T-shirts, movie posters or tattoos, all men find a thing and buy every single version of it they can find. It’s time to add your own flavor to the collection! ThinkGeek can get you started on finding a thing that your man doesn’t have yet.


2) Something Sex-Related

Whether it’s lingerie for yourself that you know he’ll like, a naughty film you two can enjoy, some saucy bedroom accessories like creams or oils, or just the performing of an act in the bedroom that you don’t normally perform, bedroom surprises are great gift ideas for men. can get you started.


3) A Video Game

If your man loves video games, regardless of how you feel about them, buy him one. Find out what game he thinks looks amazing but doesn’t own, and get it yourself. Video games for men can be a guilty pleasure, and it’s always better when someone else buys you a guilty pleasure. Check GameStop to find out release dates.

X-Treme Geek

4) This USB Mixtape

How adorable is this idea? It’s a three-port USB drive disguised as a mixtape! Break out your iTunes and make your man an old-school mixtape that he can listen to while pining for you.


5) Flowers? Yep

Men are so often the givers of flowers, so why not turn the romantic tables on him and give him a bouquet? Getting a dozen roses and bringing them to your face for that first sniff is a joy that men should not be denied.