Hey, Tim Tebow -- you invigorated the languishing Denver Broncos last season by going 8-5 as a starter and winning a playoff game. Your reward? Watching as the Broncos signed future hall of famer Peyton Manning, which pretty much guaranteed your ticket out of the Mile High City.

As expected, Tebow has been traded -- to the New York Jets -- but we think he should look into some other career choices that might be better suited for him:

1. Join the New York Knicks. They know a thing or two about taking on an unwanted player.

2. Start a blog called Peyton Manning Ruined My Life.

3. Become a ‘manny’ for Snooki’s baby.

4. Have a serious discussion about his vocational future with his trusted career advisor -- God.

5. Get cast on the next season of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’

6. Ask Conan O’Brien how he coped with having his job taking out from under him.

7. Try to make Tebowing an official Olympic sport, so he’ll have something to train for.

8. Apply for a manager’s position at Wendy’s. They’ve passed Burger King in sales, so you know it’s a growing company.

9. Buy a Texaco. With gas prices soaring, he could make a bundle and not have to worry about concussions.

10. Sign a contract with Madden 2012 before Manning goes on the market there.

11. Go on ‘Pawn Stars’ to sell his Heisman Trophy.

12. Run for president. Romney, Santorum, Gingrich -- Tebow is the best of all the Republican choices.

13. Go into real estate. He’s about get an education in getting rid of a home.

14. Go into moving. He’s about to get an education in transporting everything he owns.

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