Danger: Avoid Death. This was a tractor label submitted in last years Wacky Warning Labels contest run by Bob Dorigo Jones. The five finalists from this year’s contest were just announced... Notice: They are after the jump and there’s five.

“Warning: The action depicted in this brochure is potentially dangerous. The riders seen are experienced experts or professionals.”
This warning was located beneath pictures of small children riding bikes which was featured in a bicycle brochure. With such a disclaimer, I hope they were at least doing some pretty extreme wheelies or jumping each other Evel Knievel style. This submission came from John Nevin of Holt, Mich.

“Does not supply oxygen”
A warning found on a dust mask and submitted by Alex Saenz of Dallas, Texas.

“Warning: Avoid Drowning. Remove safety cover from spa when in use.”
A label located on an outdoor hot tub cover and submitted by Archer Leupp of Peshtigo, Wisc.

“For gun only, not a functional day planner.”
Advice from a leather gun holster that Jones describes as looking very similar to a daily planner or calender. Submitted by Cheryl Keyes of Westborough, Mass.

“Warning: Pen caps can obstruct breathing. Keep out of mouth.”
Instruction booklet that came with a pen. I assume it was followed with, “Non-edible.” This submission came from Mark Stutzmann of Ann Arbor, Mich.

Started in 1997 by Jones, the contest’s purpose was to show what lengths manufacturers have had to go to so that they can protect themselves from lawsuits, especially in the United States. This year’s submission of the pen warning label furthered Jones’ point when it was realized that the warning was printed in English only, but the other three translations didn’t bear the warning.

Some fun aside, do you think the U.S. too sue happy? Join in with your opinions or your own wacky warning labels below.