Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane talked about this ridiculous story out of Tennessee where a teenage girl eluded cops in a high-speed chase for over 40 miles down Interstate 26.

Mysti Potter, the teen's mother, told the news media that she was "not surprised" after hearing this news. What's the reason, you ask? Mysti Potter has had her daughter driving since she was a toddler.

Of course.

After the guys got one look at Ms. Potter, it all started coming together. "She's got Billy Bob teeth," said Zane. The other guys agreed that they were bad enough that she looked like she was wearing a set of fake hillbilly teeth.

Naturally, a connection to NASCAR was not far behind. After a reporter made that comparison, Potter replied, "That's what the police in Erwin were saying." Fortunately, Potter's daughter was not seriously injured, even though she crashed the car to end the chase around 4am.

Here's video of the local news report: