Dogs vs. Cats. It's an age-old war that continued this morning on the show, as the guys laughed their way through a couple of cute animal videos.

Round one went to the cats, as the guys watched a hilarious video of a crafty feline who managed to escape its canine purser by hopping on a surfboard and riding it to the opposite end of a swimming pool. "That is a great, great video," said Zane.

Hot Wings was not impressed with the dog, saying "that dog was stupid to begin with, you can tell by its ears." We're not sure what Hot Wings is talking about, but we can say this... the music is a little much.

Check out the surfing cat:

Not to be outdone, the dogs fired back in the second round, going right for the sweet spot and taking on the cats on their own turf -- cute videos. In the clip, an adorable Welsh Corgi is frolicking around a water park.

Free Beer summed up the video's internet success with a simple assessment: "People just love Corgis."

Free Beer's right. And we do too: