The guys learned this morning that it is not wise to mess with Canadian convenience store owners as they watched some incredible and hilarious footage of Zhen Yang defending himself and his business from two would-be burglars.

In the footage, Yang busts out a can of bear spray (called, get this: counter assault) and nails both robbers in the face. "[The spray] came out of that canister like a fire extinguisher," said Hot Wings.

After that, Yang takes one of the robbers and bends him over the counter for a second assault, on his behind. That's right, Yang spanks the guy! As if that wasn't enough, his wife arrives and kicks him right in the grill. Hot Wings loved how Yang's wife "saunters in, like she's about to give a penalty kick, and just whallops him."

"Oh boy, did she let his face have it," said Hot Wings.

Here's the footage of these poor robbers getting the business: