Do you like sports but find yourself not getting the most out of Twitter?

Chances are you're not following the right people.

On Thursday, Sports Illustrated released its unofficial, disputable, yet informative "The Twitter 100" list, in honor of the social media phenomenon's fifth anniversary and its influence on the world of sports.

The list features a collection of names, although they're not ranked. Among the names included: "Flamboyant" NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, controversial NBA star Gilbert Arenas, chatty Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Arizona Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald, Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and US Open champion Rory McIlroy. Also on the list is steroids whistle-blower Jose Canseco, who has had some issues with the social media site this month.

SI polled 50 staff members to come up with the people they consider to be the most essential figures in sports on a daily basis to follow on Twitter.

The list is admittedly incomplete -- with SI excluding its own sports journalists and personalities --  but provides sports fans and the like a solid foundation to quench their thirst for sports talk with an array of writers, athletes, executives, and statistical pages that SI says is worth a "follow."