What's better than a shirtless male model in nothing but boxer briefs? Maybe, just maybe, the same shirtless male model rolling around on a bed with satin sheets?

Leandro Penna, the immensely hunky arm candy of British TV personality Katie Price, helped his soon-to-be bride launch her line of scandalous lingerie on Tuesday. How did he do this, you ask? Simply by reclining in a bed of satin sheets while wearing nothing but skin-tight underwear. Basically just being the trophy fiance that he is. After seeing that, we don't know what woman wouldn't want to purchase panties from Katie's Boutique.

But frankly, we're more interested in Penna. While Price is busy trying to make a name for herself in music, modeling, acting, reality television and pretty much every industry you can imagine a celebrity wanting a piece of, her too-hot-for-words Argentinian fiance is busy living the life of a hot guy/TV personality.

Our favorite career highlight however is his gig for Nevs. Hair by hair stylist Paul Phillips. Those ads are some of the most mouth-watering pics we've seen in a while. Check 'em out below along with more shirtless shots of Leandro Penna.