Iryna Ivanova, Playboy's August Playmate of the Month - LINK NSFW - is a go-gettin' University of Arizona student who enjoys lots of extra-curricular activities.

The publicists at Playboy allowed us fifteen hot, glorious minutes with the busty European this week.

The dark-haired hottie, originally from Ukraine, told us she's working on her MBA and spends her afterschool hours as a mixed martial arts "cage girl" and fantasizing about dating basketball players.

She also told us about the afterschool activity she doesn't care much for - the time she spends fighting off women trying to get in her pants. (Which sounds just fine with us, by the way.)

“It doesn’t happen every day, but it happens often enough,” Ivanova says.

Ivanova, who lives in Tucson, says just one girl convinced her to go out on a date. The fact that it didn't completely go down might be one of the greatest tragedies in recorded history. “It wasn’t a bad date, no," she says. "But it wasn’t for me.”

She says guys are freaked out by her unreal figure - at least if the way they stumble through amateur pick-up lines is any indication. "I've heard a few," the some-how single Ivanova says. We asked about the dumbest line she's gotten.

"'Yeah, what's up mama, you party or what?' I've actually heard that one quite a bit and it always makes me laugh. I'm like, 'What? What does that mean?'"

We think we know what it means.

English is her second language – she speaks with a sexy Eastern European accent – which is probably part of the reason she doesn’t understand Neanderthal pick-up lines. "To me, they all sound funny, since I grew up learning the British version of English."

Ivanova keeps her drooling fanboys updated on Twitter too, chattering profoundly in 140 characters about Starbucks lattes and tweeting pictures of herself in bikinis. "My friend decided to oil me up in MIA lol," she tweeted last week, off-handedly providing us this little gift from heaven:

Ivanova also works as a cage girl for a mixed martial arts company. Cage girls are the babes who provide the sport's rowdy fans with non-combat entertainment.

She explains her job: “Basically, you walk with the ring sign on, look pretty, and excite the fans, that kind of thing.” Sounds like a dream job. And she loves it so much she hopes to someday work for Ultimate Fighting Championship, the mixed martial arts big league.

Ivanova's aiming for another lofty goal - if she could get with any celebrity, she'd pick Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. Could posing in Playboy be her chance? "I definitely hope so," she says.

Ivanova thinks earning her business degree could lead to a gig outside cage fighting, maybe even with the magazine that got her naked in front of the whole world.

"I see myself working with Playboy and getting into the fashion industry career," says Ivanova. "It would be great to continue being a model, and maybe do an internship. Maybe a PR internship."

Sounds like a solid career path for a gal who divides her time between deflecting stupid pick-up lines and showing off her assets.