With Producer Joe's newest stunt looming, the pole vault was another big topic this morning. The guys started off the discussion by watching a video of another great Olympic blooper involving, you guessed it... pole vaulting.

But this wasn't just a highlight of someone falling short or bonking their head. This Cuban pole vaulter Lazaro Borges actually shattered his pole while attempting a vault! Zane tried to act unsurprised, joking that since Borges was from Cuba, the pole was probably "made of sugarcane." After breaking the wood pole, Borges went feet over head into the mat, landing awkwardly but walking away with no major injuries.

Free Beer followed this up with an interview with Coach Charles, Joe's pole vaulting coach that has been working with him all week. Coach Charles said that Joe was coming along nicely and should be ready. Zane asked, "How's the muscle soreness?" Joe responded that it was "intense and extreme."

The guys then talked about whether or not the Borges incident was an ominous sign for Joe. Free Beer asked Joe a favor, saying, "If you do die, do us a favor and don't make us laugh." Zane went on to joke that if Joe worked hard and pulled it off, "maybe you can be the next Yoo Suk Kim."

Check out some slow-mo Lazaro Borges and his pole snapping: