There may be an NBA lockout, but that won't stop Kevin Love from dunking around a net.

The Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star is planning to play beach volleyball in next month's Manhattan Beach Open, as part of the pro volleyball tour.

Of course, Love has some things to take care of before he starts thinking about digs and spikes -- namely, finding a partner. So far, Love doesn't have one, which could hinder him, since there are two players per team.

Despite the fact he's flying solo for the moment, Love -- who last season became the first NBA player to score 30 points and corral 30 rebounds in one game in nearly three decades -- is upbeat about moving from the hardwood to the sand. He said, "I thought it was a great idea, a way for me to be out in the sun, be active and have fun during the lockout. It's sport, it's active, it's a way to stay in shape, so I just thought it was a home run."

Love, whose father played volleyball against Wilt Chamberlain, said he decided to give beach volleyball a try when tour sponsor Jose Cuervo approached him. Still, he knows he's a long shot to take the title at the tournament. He said, "I'm not necessarily expecting to win, but I'm expecting to go out there and compete."