A Staten Island man was so distraught over a recent break-up that he assumed the only way to win his woman back was to fake a life-threatening injury. So he allegedly paid two people to shoot him. SI Live explains how he tried to pull it off and how cops figured it was bull from the beginning.

"Bovino claimed he’d been approached by two black men who "emerged from the wooded area" and demanded his cash, the source said. Bovino told police he struggled with his assailants, and was shot in the arm before they disappeared back into the woods, the source said. Detectives found the robbery story fishy, and it fell apart upon further questioning, sources said."

Pretty dumb idea. Sadly, probably not the stupidest. We've all done stupid stuff in an attempt to win back the love of an ex. We asked on Twitter "What's the dumbest thing you've ever done to win back an ex." Here are some of the better responses.