The guys watched a CBS News segment about a 64-year-old car salesman named Peter Drakos. Did this have something to do with Hot Wings and his unhealthy obsession with cars? Not even close.

Drakos, it turns out, happens to be one of the best in the world at winning carnival games. As such, it also means that he's one of the best in the world at accumulating tons and tons of stuffed animals. We think that CBS really outdid themselves with this, ahem ... fluff piece.

After getting a glimpse inside of his storage locker filled with stuffed animals, Zane joked that he thought Drakos was nothing more than a "talented hoarder."

"I kept waiting for them to say that he's a savant," said Free Beer.

Just like in Las Vegas, carnival games are designed so that the odds are stacked against you. So we think it's pretty cool that this guy owns them, especially if he's really giving away tons and tons of stuffed animals to children, like some kind of carny Robin Hood.

We do have one point of contention though. In all of that footage they took of him, Drakos can't even get one hit on the ring toss, despite trying at least a half dozen times on camera. We don't think this is a reflection on his skill as much as it is on the blatant unfairness of ring toss. It's impossible! Even the best in the world can't land one for the cameras! So yeah, boycott the ring toss.

Check out Drakos and his carny wizardry: