Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane enjoyed watching a video of a female clerk beating the crap out of a would-be robber at a Family Dollar store in South Carolina.

In the surveillance footage, Chanel Thomas bludgeoned the suspect about the head and neck after he reached over the counter, making a grab for the open register. The guys got a kick out of how bad-ass Thomas comes off. "Boy, she hits him like 50 times," exclaimed Zane.

Free Beer then announced that Producer Joe had Thomas on the phone and the guys got ready for an impromptu interview. After welcoming Thomas to the air, Free Beer asked her if she had ever been in a fight before. Thomas responded that the last time she was in a fight was probably in high school.

"I've had some self defense training and it came in handy," said Thomas. Free Beer agreed with her, punctuating the sentiment by saying "you were really pummeling him."

Before Thomas left, Zane had to chime in by telling her "I bet you're a dynamo in the sack." Thomas responded that they would have to interview her boyfriend if they wanted to know that information.

Here's the video of her fists of fury: