Ever wondered about the lives of the people who ask you to stick out your tongue and say "ahhh"? The newly-released Medscape/WebMD's 2012 Physician Lifestyle Report could provide some insights.

Earlier this year, about 29,000 doctors representing 25 specialties replied to an online poll about their opinions about their happiness, health, non-work activities and more. Consider it a peek behind the white coat, if you will.

Here's just a sampling -- see the entire report for more.

Happiest Doctors:

1. Rheumatologists
2. Dermatologists
3. Urologists
4. Ophthalmologists
5. Emergency medicine doctors.

Unhappiest Doctors:

1. Tie: neurologists, gastroenterologists and internal medicine doctors
2. Oncologists
3. General surgeons
4. Plastic surgeons

Healthiest Doctors:

1. Dermatologists
2. Plastic surgeons
3. Diabeticians/endocrinologists
4. Orthopedists
5. Cardiologists

Least Healthy Doctors:

1. Critical care doctors
2. Pediatricians
3. Obstetricians/gynecologists
4. Pathologists
5. Psychiatrists

Vacation Preferences:

1. Foreign Travel
2. Beach Vacations
3. Split along gender lines: male doctors like road trips, while female doctors enjoy luxury spas

Car Ownership:

1. Toyota
2. Honda
3. Lexus
4. BMW
5. Mercedes