Hours after Colby Rasmus was traded from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Toronto Blue Jays in a three-team, 11-player deal, Tony Rasmus went to bat for his son.

Good thing, because the 24-year-old's struggles at the plate were among a laundry list of items that led to the fallout between the talented center fielder and Cards manager Tony La Russa.

Tony Rasmus, who believes La Russa fabricated tales of Colby spending too much time listening to his father on his swing, took the time Wednesday to set the record straight -- and then some.

“Evidently Tony (La Russa) has absolutely made that stuff up. He’s got it on the brain. If I was working with my son I’d tell people," Tony Rasmus told the Toronto Sun. "Tony needed pitching and wanted to force the GM into making a trade, so he belittled Colby to the fans.”

The elder Rasmus didn't stop there.

“There are three or four guys in the St. Louis clubhouse right now, thinking ‘Oh-oh, who is the manager going to pick on next with Colby gone?’”