The town of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, is seriously considering a motion to ban dogs and other leashed members of the furry-beast guild in an effort to rid its commercial district of heathen creatures disruptive to two-legged folk.

City manager Steve Johnson says that the town wants to eliminate troubles caused by dogs like pit bulls, rottweilers and others “as big as ponies” that can often be seen tied to city property just outside businesses and store fronts, in an attempt to reinvigorate the flailing business district.

While many shop owners have filed complaints with the city about the presence of dogs where they do business, others call the ban a waste of time. Those who oppose the ban say they are not sure how eliminating dogs in public will help the city erase a bad reputation brought on by drugs and prostitution.

The city insists that the ban is necessary to help pave the way for a revitalized Seventh Avenue, which is currently plagued by nearly 20 blocks of vacant and condemned real estate. Beaver Falls received legal approval and funding to begin laying the foundation for their renewal project last month, and it plans to revisit the proposed dog ban before the end of the year.

City officials say that if a ban does not happen, dog owners will be offered some type of incentive to stay clear of the city’s main street.

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