Snake Found After Month on a Boston Train
Melissa Moorehouse lost her pet boa constrictor Penelope a month ago when it slithered out of her jacket as she was riding the red line train in Boston.
Initially, train officials took the car Penelope was lost in out of service, so they could search for the three-foot snake. They weren’t able to f…
‘Polite Robber’ Arrested, Turns Out to Be a Liar [VIDEO]
A lot of people were saddened by this video of a 65-year-old robber repeatedly apologizing to the convenience store clerk he was robbing. The "Polite Robber" spoke in a soft voice, used the word “sir” and remorsefully told the clerk that he needed money to pay rent and feed his kids.
Radio DJ ‘Freezes’ To Raise Money for Montana Zoo
ZooMontana, a 70-acre wildlife park in Billings, Mt., is 140,00 dollars in the hole and facing bankruptcy if they can't come up with the money.
Local radio personality Livin’ Large Larry, of KBear 97.1, wanted to help. So, last week, he spent three straight days and nights living inside in his radio …
Runner completes 365 Consecutive Marathons
Belgian runner Stefaan Engeles has just completed a marathon for every day of the past year.
Saturday was the 49-year-old’s 365th consecutive 26.2 mile race, shattering the record of 52 consecutive marathons set by a Japanese man last year.
Engeles attributed his ability to run for so long to the fac…
Man Has Revenge on Snow Shovel Thief [VIDEO]
In snowy Chicago, David Wells had his snow shovel stolen from the front of his house. The thief was a woman who used the shovel to clear a space for her car, and then didn’t return it.
So, to get revenge, Wells used a gas-powered snow blower to bury the woman’s car in snow. Ultimately, it took her…
Man Calls 911 To Ask Questions About His Marijuana Plant [AUDIO]
Robert J. Michelson wanted to know how much trouble he could get in for growing one marijuana plant. So he called 911 and asked.
The dispatcher tried to dissuade him for using the emergency service for a non-emergency, but he persisted, and admitted he was growing marijuana before asking her what th…
Kid Falls Onto Subway Tracks While Playing Video Game
A 10-year-old walking on a subway platform in Milan, Italy while playing his handheld PSP became so engrossed in his game that he wandered right onto the train tracks.
The youngster took quite a tumble, but Alessandro Micalizz, an off-duty cop, immediately jumped down onto the track and pulled the bo…

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