The folks in New York and Boston may be the loudest when it comes to heaping praise on their favorite hometown baseball players, but they are far from the most biased when it comes to being homers -- you know, showing too much love for the players on their teams.

That distinction belongs to followers of the Atlanta Braves, at least in terms of being homers when it comes to All-Star voting. Using a formula he developed to establish what a player's all-star vote total should be based on his production, blogger Lewie Pollis calculated that Atlanta Braves players receive 221 percent more All-Star votes than they deserve.

Other ballot stuffing fan bases include the Seattle Marines (208 percent) San Francisco Giants (168 percent) and Philadelphia Phillies (150 percent.)  On the other side of the spectrum were fans of the San Diego Padres (54 percent), Florida Marlins (44 percent) and Pittsburgh Pirates (42 percent.)

As for the Yanks and Sox? New York ranked seventh most biased, at 136 percent, whereas Red Sox Nation was actually 11 percent less biased than the average fan.