If you've ever made a restaurant reservation and either blown it off or forgotten about it, this might get your attention: some eateries are now charging or publicly shaming people for not showing up.

Restauranteurs say missed reservations cost them money, so many now require a credit card number before holding a table for you. And the penalty for failing to cancel in a timely manner could cost you big.

One NYC dining establishment charges $75 per head if you don’t cancel at least 48 hours in advance, and another that offers a tasting menu for $125 per person charges full-price for each customer who fails to appear without a 24-hour notice of cancellation.

Other owners are taking to sites like Twitter or Facebook to publicly shame no-shows, or even calling those people personally to find out what happened (and probably scolding them in the process).

And it's not just swanky NYC restaurants charging for no-shows. Walt Disney World changed its reservation policy late last year, and now two dozen restaurants within the Florida resort charge $10 to $25 per head for missing scheduled face-time with Mickey and the gang.