Amanda Knox, who recently saw her murder conviction in Italy overturned and was freed after four years in prison, returned home to Seattle on Tuesday night.

At a news conference held at Sea-Tac Airport after her arrival, she tearfully expressed gratitude to her supporters, saying, "My family's the most important thing to me so I just want to go and be with them, so, thank you for being there for me." She also said, "Thank you to everyone who's believed in me, who's defended me, who's supported my family."

Her father, Curt, later told reporters gathered outside his home that Amanda's plans likely included returning to the University of Washington to finish her degree, but added, "The focus simply is Amanda's well-being and getting her reassociated with just being a regular person again."

Meanwhile, well-wishers in the neighborhood where the 24-year-old grew up posted signs welcoming her home, and one local bar even offered half-price drinks to celebrate her acquittal.

Knox, a former student in Perugia, Italy, was convicted of her roommate's 2007 slaying two years ago, but a DNA review ordered during her appeal discredited crucial genetic evidence and led to her release. The case is now in the hands of Italy's highest court -- if it overturns her acquittal, prosecutors could request that she be extradited back to the country.

Watch as she addresses reporters below.